A Journey to Wellness is a Dubai based holistic wellness collective founded by Jane Gammage in 2014. The company’s aim is to promote holistic health and wellness for all ages, providing life coaching, natural healing as well as group sessions, workshops and special events.


Meet The Team

Jane Gammage | Founder & Wellness Coach

14184466_10153691064211790_5094076728177291032_nThe founder of A Journey to Wellness and Holistic Girl, Jane Gammage is a certified Life Coach and Counsellor for adults and young people; a woman who is driven by a passion for spiritual, emotional and physical education and wellbeing.

As a qualified counsellor and nutritionist to children and adolescents as well as a Time Line Paradigm Practitioner she can also offer Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis Therapy. Take advantage of her complete lifestyle coaching for all ages and redesign your life to work for you.

After a turbulent diagnosis with Graves Disease, Jane has dedicated her time to educating others about the importance of their own health; from physical to emotional wellbeing she believes that everything is linked. With this in mind she developed the Holistic Girl programme for adolescent women as a guide to a healthy and well-rounded adulthood.

Her passion for life, health, food and travel has trickled through into her work, her compassion and empathy make her a worthy confidant. Her experience in teaching, and CACHE Level 5 in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Young People’s Services means she’s a perfect candidate for caring for your child’s wellbeing as well as your own.

Jane can offer one-to- one coaching and counselling, group sessions focusing on health and auto-immune support as well as regular 8 week programmes for young women as part of Holistic Girl.

Kim Gammage | Nutritionist & Food Coach

15965345_10158105787775584_2177996679790755260_nKim Gammage is a certified nutritionist who specialises in using food as medicine. Also specialising in food-addiction plans her passion is for helping people heal themselves through nutrition.

Having put together The Elimination Train, a three month programme for managing auto immune conditions and now working on a programme for food addicts looking to follow the road to recovery.

Kim offers one to one food coaching sessions, runs online support groups for those looking to heal themselves through lifestyle changes and puts together diverse meal plans which promote intuitive, healthy eating.