Iftar Review: AOC Brasserie

Living, as I do, in the Middle East the onset of Ramadan brings with it a whole new way of life for one month of the year. People become more spiritual but they also become somehow calmer and kinder. Even those of us who are not Muslims get involved in this very special month, looking forward to Iftar, the meal associated with the daily breaking of the fast and long leisurely evenings catching up with family and friends. Over the years Iftar has moved out of the home and into restaurants and hotels allowing people from all walks of life, nationalities and religions to experience the breaking of the fast.

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New Year, New Perspective

palmsLast year I set myself up to fail…

In June I embarked on what was to be a life changing three month Journey to Wellness of my own. I had made so much progress with my recovery to that point that I felt sure that I was ready to conquer the world, become super healthy and fully regain control of all areas of my life.



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Adventures and Milestones

Month two of My Journey to Wellness has come and gone and I have realised that three months is nowhere near long enough for me to share with you all the ups and downs, the food challenges, the physical obstacles and the life changing events that happen on such a journey.

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