My Journey Begins [3toWellness]

On Friday, 28th May 2016 I embarked on my personal journey to wellness.

As I take the first steps on this amazing journey I am supported by an incredible team of people – all of whom have given their time and services to me free of charge because they too believe that there is an alternative to medication when managing autoimmunity.

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My Journey to Wellness [3toWellness]

If I have learned anything over the past 18 months it is that autoimmune disease doesn’t come with a “how to” guide.

You are simply handed a diagnoses and sent off – usually with a pile of drugs – and left to fend for yourself like a ship lost at sea. I am not saying that drugs are not necessary – in my case they saved my life and I will be forever grateful for that.

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Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

At the beginning of this year I felt that I was suffering more from the side effects of my medication than I was from my illness, so, with the guidance of my doctor I decided to stop taking them for a couple of months to see exactly how my body was doing under its own steam.

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