Personal Coaching

Sometimes we need a little help getting where we want to be; help to get us over hurdles and obstacles, face fears and manage changes in our lives.

Do you find yourself stuck on the hamster wheel of life? Always planning but never doing? Always working hard and yet not achieving what you set out to?

Are you:

  • Struggling to find the time to do the things you need to?
  • Finding a million and one reasons not to do things?
  • Lacking the commitment to follow through?
  • Clear on what your goals are?
  • Going through a major change in your life?
  • Ready to move to the next level of success and happiness in your life

If you need direction in your life, whether it is home, relationship or career, as a life coach I can help you to identify and set goals, creating a plan that is manageable and realistic. I will help you to identify your true potential and maintain focus on the goals you set, making you accountable and teaching you strategies to overcome perceived failures along the way.

Life Coaching sessions are one hour in duration

Maybe you are just stuck! You might be doing well in some areas of your life and have ground to a halt in others but you don’t know why this is so.

In this case let me help you to find your way with a Personal Breakthrough session – an intensive programme that will help you move forwards with confidence, manage unresolved issues and limiting beliefs by:

  • Increasing self confidence, performance, motivation and efficiency
  • Improving personal management, time management, relationships, focus and concentration
  • Releasing negative emotions like anger, guilt, sadness and fear which are harmful to the body
  • Releasing phobias and fears, obsessions and limiting beliefs
  • Helping you to manage your weight or stop bad habits
  • Evaluating you current value system and eliciting new, more useful values to live by
  • Setting goals that are realistic, attainable and time sensitive

The Personal Breakthrough session is an usually eight hours in duration and can be done in one day, although it is usually spread of two days of four hours each.

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