Holistic Girl

We know that being a teenager is a beautiful time of life; when girls blossom into young ladies and begin to discover a world full of opportunity, taking risks and learning who they are.

In today’s world, surrounded by the powerful influences of celebrities, social media and their peers, the need to belong and a desire to conform is stronger than ever.

A Journey to Wellness announces the launch of Holistic Girl, a total wellness programme designed for adolescent girls. During this eightweek course Jane Gammage, a licensed Life Coach, will guide them towards a healthy lifestyle by teaching them to set goals, follow good nutrition and live a healthy lifestyle by making mindful choices.

Offering targeted life-coaching the programme starts by looking at where participants are now; physically, emotionally and spiritually, before beginning to set goals to start working towards increasing self esteem and self confidence.

Over the eight weeks Jane will help the girls take a look at their lifestyle choices, guiding them towards a nutritious, physically active and mentally rewarding life. Included in the course is a copy of her ‘Feed this Journal’ book, a fun activity journal that allows each participant to creatively express themselves as they embark on their journey.

During the course you will receive:

  • Feed This Journal workbook and diary
  • 8 One hour group sessions & workshops
  • Guided meditations
  • Tools for managing stress, improving organisation and confidence
  • Recipes and food advice


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