Tangle Teezer [Part 2]

Well people, as promised I have used the Tangle Teezer for a month.

What’s the verdict?

My favourite thing about this nifty little brush is that it fits snuggly into just about any handbag and it is not easy to lose given that it is bright pink.

In terms of the difference to my hair…I really wanted to be able to say that it has been life changing, that my hair is wonderful and that I wish I had found it earlier.

But, alas, that is not the case.

I have used the TT after every wash and this has made brushing a little less “pully” on my hair but sadly there has been no difference whatsoever to the amount of hair I lose on a daily basis; I had hoped this gentler, detangling brushing would mean my hair would be more inclined to stay attached to my head but apparently not.

This was a bit of a let down after having spoken to a lot of people who said it made a difference. I can therefore only assume that my ongoing hair loss is still due to the effects of my ever present companion, Graves Disease.tangle

One of the things I love about my TT is that when I brush my hair its like a mini scalp massage – just the right pressure to relax me. So ten points for that!!

This lovely feeling means my hair gets a good brushing and as a result I would say that there are signs that is slightly more glossy; on the flip side though if it is brushed too much it looks greasy – damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

As a last little note I have to say that two little girls I work with have beautiful thick hair and it can get pretty tangled. I remember only too well the joys of brushing my own daughter’s tangled hair – the moans, screams and tears were heart breaking. The girls use the TT and it certainly glides through their hair making brushing pain and tear free and leaving them with beautiful shiny hair.

So my verdict it that I am glad I bought it but if I hadn’t I don’t think I would be any worse off.


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