The Fit Food Kitchen, An Eatery With A Difference

tffkI was recently lucky enough to accompany The Middle Eats to the new menu launch of Fit Food Kitchen (TFFK), a quirky little eatery in Jumeirah Lakes Towers and I was excited by and delighted with what was on offer.

The place is cozy, with simple seating arrangements, a choice of tables for those wishing to spend time with friends or a high stool type arrangement for those grabbing a bite for lunch or a quick dinner. For this occasion the tables had been arranged so that we all sat together and this created an environment where people could chat and get to know one another.
On arrival we received a warm welcome and were offered beautiful, freshly made juices; a delicious green  and a ruby red beetroot juice that was sweet and refreshing.

The idea for TFFK came from the owner’s school days in Australia where school dinners did not offer the healthiest of options. This inspired a desire for healthier food options and a healthy lifestyle and this really flows through every dish on the menu.

tffk-saladFirst we were served a selection of fresh, vibrant salads, all of which came with dressings in separate little bottles which I loved as this allowed us all to “dress to taste”. The salads were beautifully put together with a tantalising array of colours and textures creating a feast for all the senses. There were pine nuts, pomegranate seeds, red onions, firm mushrooms, radishes and more, all or which were served in a variety of ways with crisp fresh salad leaves. The Beetroot and Rocket salad was fresh and crisp and the Light Halloumi salad came with perfectly grilled halloumi cheese.

Then camtffk-wrape the mains! They were simple, well proportioned dishes of wholesome, nutritious dishes. We were treated to salmon on a bed of organic cous cous with sautéed spinach; Chicken and avocado wraps that oozed flavour; smoked salmon wraps as well as burgers and a delightful pasta dish of chicken and portobello mushrooms.

And there’s more… desert! The most delectable protein balls – made with all natural ingredients, no sugar or artificial sweeteners and just bursting with goodness. These little morsels are a wonderful way to satisfy those sweet cravings in a wholesome way. TFFK also gave us all a little goodie bag to take home containing a few more of these delights – getting a total thumbs up fro me!

But that’s not AIP, let alone Paleo I hear you cry. I agree it is not however I did find the menu a number of menu items that can be eaten for those following AIP and Paleo. And whilst I have not asked the question, I feel sure that the wonderful staff at TFFK would make every effort to accommodate individual needs.

I loved this little eatery, it is very reasonably priced, has indoor and outdoor seating and does take aways. I think I am supposed to find a few faults to report back on, but in all honesty I can’t so if you want some lovely healthy food that won’t break the bank, make sure you give it a whirl.




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