Adventures and Milestones

Month two of My Journey to Wellness has come and gone and I have realised that three months is nowhere near long enough for me to share with you all the ups and downs, the food challenges, the physical obstacles and the life changing events that happen on such a journey.

When i started out I had a clear idea that over the three months I would do a,b and c and this would result in x,y and z happening. Boy was I wrong!

IMG_1299I went on a two week holiday to Sri Lanka which was not part of the three month journey plan at all. I had the most amazing experiences, challenged myself physically and grew spiritually in this beautiful country.

The only thing I  was unable to do was to climb 1,500 steps to the top of Sigiriya, an ancient rock fortress. I have, however set this as a goal to go back and do.


The food of Sri Lanka is so wonderful; having opted to stay in guesthouses around the land I was blessed with food that came directly from the ground.

In several places there was no menu, merely an array or produce on a table and the information that this is what the day’s food would be made from. Organic and seasonal, as food is meant to be!

Now of course I am not supposed to eat rice, nor I am supposed to eat spices, but you know what, I did not have one, single adverse reaction to anything I ate and I put this down to the fact that none of the food was over processed (even the rice is rustic and full of flavour) and above all it is prepared with love and care. And fruit, so much lovely fruit everywhere – who needs sugar when there is so much beautiful natural goodness.

I ate well, I walked for miles and I slept well and I learned so much about the history and culture of beautiful island of Sri Lanka.

The other thing was my birthday; my 50th birthday!

Off course I knew this was happening but… I do not, in any way, shape or form feel that I can possibly be 50. While I am proud to have made it this far and of all that I have achieved so far in life I still have WTF moments when I say my age out loud.

I don’t feel like I have been around for 50 years, I haven’t done enough, seen enough, lived enough.

With thought in mind I decided that instead of making a big deal of the single day that marks my 50th year on earth, I am going to mark the entire year. I know this has been done by many and is not a unique idea but there are  many, many things (big and small) that I still want to do.

Not all of them are massive and romanticised fantasies, but they are things that make me happy and I want to share them with you.

50 Things to Do:

Northern Lights Go to a concert
Dive with sharks Learn to paddleboard
Swim with dolphins Walk along cliff tops in the cold
Run a 5km race Watch the sun rise
Practice Yoga Watch the sun set
Go on a spiritual retreat Go to the theatre
Go to dance classes Make a balcony garden
Have girls over for afternoon tea with bubbles Plan a road trip in the USA
Meditate daily Talk to more people about their lives
Complete Anatomy and Physiology Call my parents/brother every week
Sign up for Kinesiology Practitioner course Send flowers to my mam regularly
Learn a language Read the classics
Learn an instrument Do Reiki progress to level 2 (at least)
Make and distribute Xmas boxes to labourers Visit a new country
Speak publically about my journey Knit
Go to the Empty Quarter Have a picnic in a park
Climb something Do pilates
Volunteer my time for a good cause Drive a classic car
Go to Dubai Film Festival Go to a jazz club
Donate blood Pay for a stranger’s cofee or groceries
Sponsor a child’s education Get UK Pension up to date
Get a facial once a month Save!!
Make a photo montage Host a murder mystery dinner party
Digitalise my photos Walk on the beach regularly
Love my body Teach English for free

I realise that I might not get through the whole list but I think it is nice to have a focus, so whether you are 20, 40 or 60 I suggest you make a list of the things that are important to you – big or small.

It is time to get on and do them, life is short and it is not guaranteed so live it to the fullest.


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