Stumbling Blocks

I have completed just over a month of My Journey to Wellness and I have had some real up and down moments so far…

I am loving the journey, the publicity and awareness that it is generating and I am wholly appreciative of the support I receive from Stephanie for my nutrition and from Derrick and Lina on fitness, but I have been struggling over the past two weeks.

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One of the things I have prided myself on since I came out of that hospital in December 2014 is my positive, can do attitude. I have always been headstrong and independent – just ask my Mum! – and I was determined to beat this illness and reclaim my life. I feel that I have come so far along this road and yet there are days when I feel like I have barely moved a step.

Take the past few weeks; a cycle of activities has taken place that has really set me back. As I write this I am exhausted, in pain and feeling totally crap! Why? How did this happen? But you were doing so well?

I have heard all of these things and yes, I was doing well; more importantly I will be doing well again because I understand that this is a hiccup and I can regroup and carry on. The important thing is the realisation that this is my life, this is how quickly things can change and I, like a military strategist, have to plan my life with precision to ensure that I am not ambushed by, what for everyone else, are manageable events.

IMG_0430I was eating very well, planning, preparing and making sure I made good choices. Then I moved house! A stressful event in itself but this one has been awful. There were issues with the apartment, the air conditioning is still not working properly (not fun when the temperature is topping 45°C), the gas has not been connected and to compound it all this weekend is a four day holiday so nothing is getting done! In addition to these challenges the removal company I used was dreadful and I have spent days rifling through boxes trying to get things in order – this I have tried to do calmly, doing only as much as I feel I can manage, knowing it will all still be there tomorrow. Not so easy as it seems of course, but I am trying. As you can imagine trying to eat properly has been a nightmare, not being able to cook to cook at home has meant that I have become frustrated and that frustration has led me to reach for comfort (AKA unhelpful) foods. These are foods that might not be unhelpful for other people but they are for me. I got so fed up with standing in a supermarket, café, restaurant going “I can’t eat this, I can’t eat that” that eventually I just ate whatever I wanted. Result – aches pains, brain fog, blurred vision, moods – really, really bad moods – disrupted sleep…all the things I have battled against and had started beating.

 Of course this feeling of being unwell has filtered through into everything – I am too drained to exercise and I have been snappy towards the people around me; I hear myself doing and cannot stop. It’s like an out of body experience as I watch myself turn into a bitch form hell. Not something I am proud of.

cropped-15202567_1825578414321444_7051699136561652180_n.jpgBut, as always there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I did say I have a positive attitude right! I have turned all of my experiences and knowledge into my very own company. I am now the proud owner of A Journey to Wellness fze, an holistic lifestyle consultancy and event management company offering life, health and wellbeing coaching; mindfulness and meditation classes for children and adults; bespoke wellness events and lots more. My new website is in the final stages of development and will be launched very soon. I have started  running summer classes as well as continuing with one-to-one coaching. So, as always, my life has taken another amazing turn as I have left the security (and stress) of my full time job to concentrate on my own business.  Cheers to the Universe for the shove I needed to get going – as always I am guided by my purpose. So today I step into my power and I continue to move steadily towards my personal goal of wellness and to help others to reach their goals, no matter what they might be.


2 thoughts on “Stumbling Blocks

  • Can’t wait for your new site! Congratulations! I wish I could teleport to Dubai so I could visit and meditate with you at a Journey to Wellness :).
    I hope your AC is up and running shortly (no one should have to sweat it out in 45 degree weather! Unless they’re doing hot yoga!) and I hope your kitchen is ready to rock and roll soon too. It’s so much better when you can cook for yourself. May you be feeling fantastic and wonderful again soon. 🙂


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