Week Two [3toWellness]

I am now into week two of My Journey to Wellness and I feel great; I had such an amazing first week that I honestly didn’t have time to think about the changes I was making I just stayed prepared and got on with it.

IMG_0159My nutrition coach, Stephanie, has got  me on a two week No Sugar At All eating plan which I thought was going to be really hard – we all know what the cravings can be like! But it has been a breeze.

I have made sure that I have prepared in advance and I always have a few nuts on hand in case I feel the need to nibble. I have not slipped up once and I have even eaten out a few times.

At first I thought that going to a restaurant or function was going to be a nightmare situation but all i did was considered in advance what was available and planned what I would eat before I even left home, this made it so simple and I was not even tempted by the other items on offer.

How do I feel after a week on this plan?

I feel lighter (I don’t mean weight wise, although I am sure I have dropped a bit of weight) and I feel less bloated and puffy.

Lots of the aches and pains are subsiding, I wake up with energy and my sleep is somewhat improved – not quantity of sleep but definitely the quality.


I had a check up with my doctor, Dr Heather Eade, this week and she is happy with my progress thus far. I am continuing on the supplements I already take and we decided that at the end of the three month journey we will redo my blood tests and run another saliva test to see how those results compare to the initial ones I had at the beginning of April.

She is also happy for me to start so light exercise now and I will be doing this in a formal manner from June 12th.

IMG_0139The other great thing I did this week was a two hour healing session with Zarine where she led me through a chakra cleanse, some Bar Healing Therapy and a wonderful gonging session; all rounded off with an Angel card reading.

The session was quite emotional and tiring but in a very good way and a few cleansing tears were shed.

IMG_0315This week I am looking forward to Anger Release and Gonging with Zarine and I have just reconnected with a dear friend who is going to do another Angel card reading and some Reiki.

Food wise, it is more of the same this week and I have been busy in the kitchen preparing some awesome carrot and ginger soup and making sure I am prepared on a daily basis.

The second of my vlogs is now out and as always my wish is to help others to help themselves.

As I have said before, I am not medically trained and I don’t give medical advice; I am simply sharing MY story and what works for me with the genuine hope that it might help others.



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