My Journey Begins [3toWellness]

On Friday, 28th May 2016 I embarked on my personal journey to wellness.

As I take the first steps on this amazing journey I am supported by an incredible team of people – all of whom have given their time and services to me free of charge because they too believe that there is an alternative to medication when managing autoimmunity.

I am going to be introducing these wonderful people to you along the way.

For now I want to share with you my very first vlog – something I have never done before so please don’t judge me too harshly.

Maybe by the end of my journey I will have become a more accomplished presenter.


I invite you to follow me, spread the word and send me any questions and comments you might have.

My aim is to raise awareness so that others don’t have to struggle to reach the place I am now, and so that the families and friends of those with autoimmune conditions are better informed because we know it is hard to understand an invisible illness. I value your support and as always I wish you…


2 thoughts on “My Journey Begins [3toWellness]

  • I’ll be following with interest. Might be a bit late for Graves as 90 per cent of my thyroid was removed 17 years ago and then I had radioactive iodine a year after that. But I am also s coeliac and have had other autoimmune issues such as fibro. V interested in the sugar detox. Good luck!!


    • Hi Bunty, Great to hear from you and thank you for your support. I am sorry you have had such a trying time with your thyroid but I believe that you can still help with your other conditions by looking at food, supplements and lifestyle. I am sure that being coeliac your diet is already something you are very aware of. So far the sugar detox is going really well, I am eating such lovely, healthy foods and I have supplements that have helped me with the cravings. I will be sharing more in an upcoming post. Love and strength ❤


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