My Journey to Wellness [3toWellness]

If I have learned anything over the past 18 months it is that autoimmune disease doesn’t come with a “how to” guide.

You are simply handed a diagnoses and sent off – usually with a pile of drugs – and left to fend for yourself like a ship lost at sea. I am not saying that drugs are not necessary – in my case they saved my life and I will be forever grateful for that.


The upside is that I have learned more than I could ever imagined about  myself; I have always loved research and believe me I have researched autoimmunity and how to “fix” it.

In the first instance I joined some fabulously supportive Facebook groups and from there I was able to start digging deeper.

Then something interesting happened, I realised that people were sharing their blood test results and asking why, when the blood tests were normal, they still felt so physically unwell.

I realised that they did not have the information I had, they were led solely by their doctors and only being treated for their thyroid problems and not for their autoimmunity.

IMG_0904With this in mind I have decided to embark on a three month awareness campaign to show that there is a different way. During the campaign – My Journey to Wellness – I will be monitored by my doctor, Dr Heather Eade at Intelligent Health (she is in charge of my supplements, blood tests etc); I will be following a specific nutrition programme, supported by a wonderful nutrition coach – Stephanie Pech.

Gradually I’ll be starting a sustainable fitness schedule designed and managed by the wonderful team at Total Precon, Derrick Best and Lina Badaro; and to take care of me spiritually, I have energy intuitive Zarine Dadachanji.

On top of that I have the support of an amazing PR consultant, Rosa from Sociate. My daughter, Kimberly will be helping me plan and keep track of my activities; she will be following me and recording my progress on video and with photographs. I will be posting regular updates and sharing my progress with the world in the sincere hope that I can help others.

My Journey to Wellness starts on 27th May 2016


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