Holistic Girl

Slide1Lovely people I am excited to share with you a project I have been working on for the past few months.

I give you Holistic Girl, an eight week coaching programme for teen girls that was born out of my own experiences and a desire for girls everywhere to grow into strong, healthy, mindful women.

The beginnings of this project started when I myself was a young teen; painfully shy and awkward, a tomboy who was all arms and legs.

My mum found a deportment and grooming class that I went to and I loved it, it taught me confidence, poise and grace and I went on to learn how to teach others these same skills. I suddenly became a confident young woman who loved to be on a catwalk showing off clothes.

Apparently even at 17 I was destined to impart knowledge to others!

I was always a fit and active girl and this continued into adulthood meaning that I never had to worry about what I ate and my weight.

Diets were never something I considered, we ate healthily as a family when I was growing up and I still have no time for the dieting culture that has taken over the lives of people the world over.

Eat well, exercise in fun ways and enjoy life has long been a mantra of mine.

generousMuch, much later in life I was handed this diagnosis of Graves Disease and so began my quest for answers. Why did I get this, what did I do wrong with my health and so on and so on.

This quest led me to write this blog and to use my life coaching skills to help people who have been handed life changing diagnoses, giving me the opportunity to learn more through research as well from the amazing people in come into contact with on a daily basis.

What it also did was start me thinking about teen girls today; what they do and the decisions they make today will impact on the lives as adult women.

The celebrity and social media that they are exposed to did not exist when I was growing up, peer pressure and a need to fit in are stronger now than ever and because of this I truly believe that if we give them the best tools we can at an early age we can empower them to be strong, capable women.

FishiesSo with this in mind I have created an eight week programme that teaches girls to reflect and asses where they are and where they want to go, set realistic, meaningful goals to get them there and to do so mindfully.

I have included sections on nutrition, lifestyle, and spirituality where I hope to imprint good habits that will serve them throughout their lives. And, because every women is a goddess, I conclude the programme with deportment; teaching the girls how to sit and stand elegantly, how to get into and out of a car, walk with grace and poise and how to look after their skin and hair.

To accompany the programme I have written a journal, beautifully designed and edited by my daughter Kimberly. In this journal there are lots of inspirational quotes, coaching activities, doodle pages and a daily journal lasting for the eight week period.

Writing this is another first for me – and a tick of my bucket list; I have always wanted to produce a book of some sort.

I am very excited about starting work with the first group of girls and it is my sincere wish that through my programme I can promote holistic health and wellbeing to the next generation of young women.


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