My Ongoing Battle With Food

Throughout my life I have enjoyed a good level of health and fitness…well until Graves came to call that is. IMG_0212

I have always been very lucky in that I never had to worry about my weight. For the first 30 years of my life I could eat anything and I stayed thin. I never considered diets, I did not believe in them and I still don’t; I believe in eating healthily as much as possible and taking everything in moderation.

I was never a fan of sweet foods, chocolates and cakes and the like, I was always a cheese and biscuits, salted nuts and crisps type. When I was in my early thirties I suddenly started to gain weight, my metabolism became sluggish and I began to have sleep problems.

This is, I believe, where my health problems began.

So, fast forward to today and what I really want to talk about; my ongoing battle with food. When I was initially diagnosed with Graves I did a lot of research on my own and I discovered the link between autoimmune disease and leaky gut, and the science behind it made a lot of sense.

I looked and plant based diets and I see the value in these too, the only problem for me there is that I am a complete and utter carnivore. Steak for breakfast – yes please! So Paleo looked like a good way for me to heal and I decided to embark on the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol; after just a week of following the protocol and eliminating the foods that cause inflammation I felt great, but somehow with the pressures of my everyday life and the insane cravings I suffer I found it really hard to stick to.

I have fallen off the AIP wagon several times and every time I do I feel unwell, I go back to not sleeping well, my concentration goes and lets not even talk about my memory. I have seen, heard and read the success stories. I preach the benefits to others and I truly believe that this is what I need to be doing but it is just so hard!

As I said I was never a sweet eater but now I have cravings for sugar that I just cannot get a handle on. I am fully aware of the deficiencies that lead to the cravings and they are being addressed but when these cravings hit I am like a woman possessed.

IMG_1435However I have decided that I am not going to give up on my quest to heal myself, so it is going to be a case of getting back on that horse and trying again. I have spent some time reflecting on the times when, and the reasons why, I fall of the wagon and in every instance it comes down to planning.

If I don’t plan my menu and food available I become overwhelmed and this leads to bad choices. I have tried food diaries and journals and they work to some degree but I think it is all in the planning for me.

What is it they say? It takes 21 days to make or break a habit. With this in mind I am going to try this a slightly different way; I am going to start with breakfast because AIP breakfasts are quite a challenge for me as I am up and out very early and often skip them altogether, another action that I realise leads to poor choices later in the day. And, in order to make myself accountable, I will post a picture of my breakfast every morning  on Instagram for the coming 21 days.

This is the challenge I set myself. Wish me luck.


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