Something New

Today I tried something new…

Of late I have been struggling with energy. As in I don’t have any – again!

I am battling with weight gain and fatigue. Cravings are insane again and I am frustrated by it all. I was reading an article on adrenal fatigue the other day (which I know I have) and I learned that one of the signs is excessive sighing and deep breathing since you are oxygen starved.

Who knew!

salt-1884166_1920So I heard about this place in Dubai called Salt Cave Spa and the treatment is that basically you go and sit in a room full of salt and breathe salty air.

This is supposed to have numerous health benefits and one of them is to cleanse your breathing passages and give you an increased sense of general wellbeing.

Sold to the woman with the diminished sense of wellbeing!

Now I am not going to tell fibs, I am a sucker for any kind of treatment/therapy where I can be relaxed for 45 minutes and no one is poking and prodding me. So, special offer voucher grasped firmly in my fist, off I went to give it a go. The only instructions I had been given were to wear light clothes.

salt cave wafi

I turned up, wearing white, and was given a brief talk about the origins (Eastern Europe) and the benefits (numerous, including reduction in skin problems and asthma) and then I was ushered into the ‘cave’.

Upon entering I was directed to stand in front of a vent that blew out VERY salty air and breathe it in for 5 minutes. Easy right… Not so much! One lovely deep breathe and my nasal passages were on fire, my eyes were streaming and then I started coughing and spluttering, oh and my nose started running. Not a pretty sight.

This only lasted a few minutes though and to be fair I felt very ‘clean’ afterwards. You would when you’ve had you nasal cavities salt blasted though, wouldn’t you? After this I was directed to a bed, well more of a sun lounger (see picture above), where I basically relaxed for the rest of the 45 minute session.

On the way out I was offered the option of 6 sessions at a very good rate and I figured it would be worth trying it for the 6 sessions – like I said any excuse to relax for 45 minutes and I am sold!  On a more serious note though if it helps with stress management and has underlying health benefits I am game to give it a go.

I will report back at the end of the six sessions….watch this space.


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