A Journey with Graves has a logo!

I have a Facebook page as well and I am on Instagram

Of course I had to learn how to link things and sync things and really just how to make it all work (patience is required here as I am still stumbling around a bit).

In order for me to understand things better my daughter, Kimberly, was walking me through how to link things to my Facebook page she decided it was time I had a logo to represent my journey.

“Okay”, I said, assuming it would take ages and that she would need to think about it, and do all sorts of designs and so on before coming up with something appropriate.

Now I am not at all artistic; I can’t even draw a stick man very well, but I am blessed to have two super-creative, artistically gifted children. So whenever I need something arty to be done they are my first port of call. Their creativity is a gift from their father, who is also a very talented artist and has a great creative mind.

Within ten minutes she presented me with my logo and asked me if I knew what the symbol was. I didn’t.

I think she was more chuffed that I she knew something Buddhist that I didn’t than anything else! “Its a Unalome” she says proudly and tells me how it is the Buddhist symbol for the journey to enlightenment.

I was, and am , so thrilled with this little symbol and what it means that I wanted to share it. I am sure you will understand the significance. And thank you to my wonderful daughter for knowing me so well.

You can read her blog here, she is a talented writer and photographer.

The Unalome is the Buddhist symbol representing the reaching of enunalomelightenment. Your path begins in the centre of the spiral and as you travel along your path you wander off course, becoming aware of your surroundings. Eventually your path becomes straight and when you reach the top of the spiral you have reached enlightenment.

When I read this I knew the Unalome was the right logo for me – it speaks to me spiritually as well as making so much practical sense.

My journey has led my to all sorts of places that appear to be way off track, but they all teach me something that I need to get back onto my original path. I am in no doubt that there are a lot more interesting and testing diversions to come and I look forward to embracing each and every one as I blaze a trail to wellbeing.

I hope your journey is one of adventure and joy.



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