Usually when you are on a journey  you try to get to your destination without any diversions or distractions. I think most of us know that this rarely happens, there are always diversions and places of interest that we are inclined to stop to have a look at.

My journey has been no different.

Just before I got sick I completed my training as a Life Coach and I had a whole plan mapped out for my future. That was my direction and I was heading that way.

Well that all changed!

Once I was well enough I went back to work – teaching – but I could only manage to work mornings and getting through the week was really hard. During the summer I landed a job setting up an early learning centre and I was initially very nervous about taking it as I wasn’t sure I had the energy.

I also have massive memory problems and that doesn’t go too well with project management, but it would appear that with practice and lists, a lot of lists, I am managing quite well. Throughout all of this coaching never left my mind.

Once I had settled into my job I started to do some work on myself; as I have mentioned in previous posts I have changed my lifestyle, my diet and my exercise regime but I also needed to work on my spiritual wellbeing.

I went back to my books, reconnected with people who were on a similar path and set my intention to help other people who have had a life changing diagnosis and don’t know where to turn. The more I focussed on this intention and put it out to the Universe the more real it became and things started to move to help me on my way.

I have had the chance to be part of numerous coaching events and I have met some wonderful, like-minded people. I was also given to opportunity to attend a Wellbeing Coaching  certification course which absolutely confirmed that I am on the right track.

What happened next is that I was consumed with ideas, plans and things I wanted to do. I was ready to branch out into all sorts of directions and do EVERYTHING. Then I was overwhelmed! Completely and utterly. I couldn’t focus on one single thing and started to doubt myself. So it was back to working on myself and getting back onto the right road.

By doing this I have narrowed my plans to two things, one is my job because I love it and lets not be silly about this, I need it. The other is for me is to start up a support group for people with Graves, thyroid disease and other autoimmune conditions that have been life changing. I also want to reach out to the families and friends of these people – they are the ones who have to deal with us at the end of the day!!

I believe that from this my other ideas and plans will flourish.

What is it they say? From little acorns….

Oak Trees

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