Finding Your Own Way


Today I woke up thinking that I need to write a little bit about finding your own way when you are learning to live with Graves.

I see posts and questions on Facebook and blogs, in magazines and on talk shows, all asking the same question – how can I get someone to make it better? Doctor, Endocrinologist, Counsellor and anyone else that may have a potion or plan that can be used. You cant! Its all up to you. I’m sorry if that is not what you wanted to hear but it is the brutal truth. We all have to take ownership of what is happening to us. All those other people are there to support you on your journey but you are the traveller.

I was diagnosed in November 2014 and I am certainly not here to tell you that I know everything about my condition – far from it; I’ve been told “you haven’t had it long enough to know anything” and “stop trying, there’s nothing you can do to make it better”, and how about this one, “just have your thyroid removed then all you have to do is pop a pill every day”. These comments shock and sadden me. Who in their right mid would just give up on themselves? Let me ask you this…  When you buy a new car do you just go to a showroom and let the salesman tell you that this one or that one is the best, and then buy it. NO!! You probably look around to see what everyone else is driving, gather some brochures, go online and read specs and reviews, take it for a test drive and get the opinions of your friends and family. And then you debate back and forth with yourself before you make your final decision. You put so much thought, time and effort into a CAR. Why not into your health and wellbeing?

IMG_0995For me it has been all about exploring. At first I found it hard to find information on Graves, but once I got started I found loads of information and this, in turn, led me to other places. I started with Graves, moved on to autoimmunity (which no one told me I suffered from when I was first diagnosed) and from there I went on to Paleo and Paleo AIP. I didn’t stop there though, I am a great believer in mind, body and spirit and creating balance in order to be truly well. I read motivational books and articles, I watch informative and uplifting documentaries and basically I never stop learning. My latest thing is listening to podcasts. The important thing is that each piece of information I find leads me on to something else. I trust my intuition and follow it. The result? I eat better which has helped me immensely, I understand what has and is happening to my body and I have have been able to go back and explore the reasons why it happened, although I do not dwell on this. I have learned a lot about the role of supplements and I have, through trial and error, found a fabulous doctor who listens and supports me. Best of all though I understand my condition and I am in charge NOT Graves.

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