Bumps in the Road


I know I have been off the grid for a while and I feel I should explain that absence… After the first week on the Paleo AIP I was on an absolute high; I had planned and prepared and I was completely in control. Then it all went wrong… I got sick and unfortunately, Graves being what it is it knocked me for six. Of course I didn’t just get a cold, oh no that would be far to straightforward. Shingles!!! Yes shingles, the “grown up version” of chicken pox. It was only on my leg and at first, I have to be honest, I reacted as I would of done 18 months ago (big mistake) which was  “ignore it and it’ll go away”, of course it didn’t. I assumed I had a rash or something had bitten me. Only when the nerve pain was unbearable did I go to the doctor. So there I was on in agony and on medication, not able to sleep and therefore constantly exhausted, with no will to prepare for my eating. All of this equals falling of the wagon…big time. Of course there was a spiral effect to this, the more I gave in to the cravings I was having the worse I felt and the harder it was to get going and apply myself to getting back on track and the less I could sleep. Now, I know that starting, and maintaining, a regime like the Paleo AIP is not easy and I expected the odd hiccup but this felt monumental. It took a great deal of willpower to get myself straightened out and back on track but I am happy to say I am almost there. I still a few twinges of pain from the shingles but I am off all the medication so I am pleased about that.

In addition I recently started a new job. I love the job but damn its hard going back to full time employment. Things I took for granted – 15 hour days, remembering what I have to do next, multitasking – all things of the past it seems! I cannot believe how Graves has messed with my brain. I mean, yes I am blonde and yes I can be a bit ditzy at times but not when it comes to my job. I have had to work at a whole new way of approaching work and that in itself has been a challenge; one I am proud to say I think I have just about conquered. Exhaustion is a word I now fully comprehend the meaning of! I try to work my week so that I can have early nights during the week – I feel like a 10 year old with a bedtime curfew, but it is the only way I can manage to get enough rest. It has meant my social life has changed massively – no more late nights (I avoid them where I can at the weekends as well) but on the upside I get to spend more time reflecting, reading and enjoying my home. The pace of my life has certainly slowed down and I appreciate the need for this.

2015-10-05 20.31.46-1So after navigating these bumps I think I have turned a corner and I am back on track to heal my health through2015-10-05 20.32.52-1 the Paleo AIP. I have found a great new resource that I would like to share with you. Its a book called The Autoimmune Solution by Amy Myers M.D. The author suffered from Graves Disease and her story resonates with everyone who suffers with this debilitating condition. Anyone who has an autoimmune disease will benefit from this book and best of all she has set out an absolutely brilliant 30 day eating plan that is totally AIP friendly. Not only does she provide recipes and meal plans but she tells you what to cook when so that you are always prepared. Have a look at the website and see for yourself…www.amymyersmd.com

I am back on the road, heading in the right direction and for that I am grateful. I wish everyone the strength and determination to heal and make the changes that improve your life.

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