Beginning of the Road

Well I have made it through the first day of the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol

Yesterday was all about the planning – what will I eat, will I be hungry, will I have cravings, will this dreadful pain lessen, how about sleep? I am going to get any? All of these questions weighed heavy on my mind but I have to say in terms of the food side of things the day was far easier than I had imagined. I did some shopping; this week I am sticking to what I am familiar with and meals that are easy to make. The main focus is making sure I get a variety of ingredients into my diet. On the protein front I am sticking with beef, pork, chicken, salmon and possibly some prawns.  I stocked up on organic fruit and veggies and bought a few new staples for the cupboard. It was a fairly expensive shopping trip but I have bought more than enough for the week and the staples will last.

I also made bone broth yesterday! I couldn’t get any marrow bones so I settled for lamb bones and it seems to have come out well. I am still to taste it so thats one for me to report back on. Next on the list – chicken bone broth.

Let me share with you what my day was like…

For the past two nights I slept very badly, pain in my hips waking me up during the night and leaving me feeling tired and grumpy in the mornings. I got up this morning to the aroma of the bone broth cooking away in the slow cooker which immediately perked me up. Breakfast was bacon, mushrooms and asparagus (it is the weekend after all). I had some errands to run so I went off and did those and picked up my last few veggies at the organic store. When I got home I strained the bone broth and divided it up into freezable quantities and popped a nice piece of pork into the slow cooker for pulled pork. I wasn’t really hungry at lunchtime so I had some biltong (dried beef) and some fresh raspberries. That was enough to stave of any hunger that may have crept in mid-afternoon and sent me running for snacks. Finally dinner was pulled pork with lettuce instead of  bread buns and some spiralised carrots rather than coleslaw. It was delicious, filling and so easy to make. On the plus side there is enough left for me to have lunch tomorrow.IMG_1171

On the whole I had no cravings – I don’t drink tea, coffee or fizzy drinks so no caffeine withdrawal. Recently, since my thyroid storm, I have craved sweet things, I mean CRAVED! Today for the first time in a long time I did not even think about chocolate or anything sweet. I am putting this down in part to my mental state, which is focussed on success and in part to the fact that my food intake today has been protein rich and nutritionally satisfying.

On the energy front the day started at a low to average level, picked up by mid-morning with a little slump late afternoon. It is evening now and I am tired so I will be listening to my body and getting myself ready for bed soon. (I will talk more about the importance of this in a separate post).

So all in all Day One was a resounding success. I will be back soon with an update and I will be posting lots of additional information to help you on your own personal journey; recipes, links, resources and so on.

Stay strong, stay focussed

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